Oct 17 2019

2019 Lake Ecology Field Day a Huge Success!

The Lake Ecology Field Day which is sponsored annually by the Forest County Association of Lakes (FCAL) was a good educational experience for high school students from Crandon, Laona and Wabeno Environmental Science classes.  Lake Ecology Day took place on Tuesday, September 17th from 9AM until 1:30PM at the Veterans Memorial Park on the south end of Lake Metonga. 

Crandon HS, under the guidance of Mrs. Kay Coates, had 42 students signed up to attend.  Laona sent 15 students under the supervision of Mr. Steve Kircher, and Wabeno sent 11 students under the direction of Mrs. Liz Watson.  The students were assigned to eight groups with students from all three schools in each of the groups.  The eight groups rotated through 9 workshops through out the morning.  4 lucky students per rotation received tickets which had been issued at random, to ride on the shocking boat that was provided by the Sokaogon tribe and was captained by Fish Biologist Mike Pruell.

The other eight learning stations included a pontoon boat ride to an Eurasian Water Milfoil bed where the students learned about the various invasives such as milfoil, zebra mussels and rusty crayfish as explained by Les Schramm and Harry Resch.  Station number 2 was a class on aquatic macroinvertebrates led by RT Krueger of Northern Lakes Service.  Station 3 was co-led by Chad Mullis of the FC Sherriff’s Dept. and Brad Dahlquist of the WDNR.  They taught about laws and regulations for boaters and fishermen.  Amber Butterfield of the Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition (WRISC) taught the importance of and techniques for decontaminating watercraft that are moved from lake to lake.  The USFS sent two representatives to teach about the important role that bats play in our ecology.  Jennifer Mabrier from the FC Potawatomi Educational Department taught about lake stratification.  Retired Crandon High School science teacher Cindy Edlund returned to lead a workshop on biomagnification.  Station number 8 was led by Michelle Gobert who represented the FC Forestry Department and FC 4H, teaching about the importance of trees in the shoreline environment.  She took photos of each person who attended her workshop as they got to help plant a tree.

A large round of applause must be given to all the students and their teachers for the interest shown and the cooperation given by all during the day.  All presenters and those helping to set-up this very worthwhile event are to be commended on a job well done.  FCAL members are grateful for the opportunity to coordinate this fun, “hands-on” day of learning.

Article submitted by FCAL members Harry Resch and Pam Schroeder

Mar 06 2019

2019 Lakes Partnership Convention and Water Action Volunteers Symposium

Forest County Association of Lakes members are invited to Stevens Point for the annual Lakes Partnership Convention and Water Action Volunteers Symposium!

This year’s theme, “Pay it Forward,” is a popular concept. When someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back directly, you pass it on to another person instead. This practice can certainly be seen with lake and stream volunteers, professionals in natural resource management, and all those who value our precious water resources. Many of us automatically do this type of activity every day. At the 2019 Convention, we will share some of these inspiring stories of “paying it forward.”

Detailed agenda, pre-convention workshops, and registration are available online at https://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/UWEXLakes/Pages/programs/convention/registration.aspx for one, two, or all three days of the conference. The event is held at the Stevens Point Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Dec 06 2018


Quiet Waters of Forest County is a project completed by the Forest County Land Conservation Department in cooperation with the Forest County Health Department to promote paddling sports including kayaking and canoeing and the healthy aspects of such sports in the county.

Quiet Waters of Forest County- Lakes Forest County has 824 named lakes and many un-named lakes and ponds to explore. Many of the lakes have limited development and limited use by motorized boats, making them ideal locations for recreational use by kayaks and canoes. Fishing and scenic views abound!

Click on image to be taken to the Paddle the Forest of Wisconsin interactive map for directions to Forest County’s “Quiet Waters”

Quiet Waters of Forest County- River Routes Forest County has 850+ miles of streams with a variety of water levels, rapids, and stream impediments to navigate. Many streams have direct access from Township and County roadways that provide water access to many of the most remote portions of our forest for hours of serene enjoyment.

Click on image to be taken to the Paddle the Forest of Wisconsin interactive map for directions to Forest County’s river routes

Quiet Waters of Forest County- Impoundments and Wildlife Areas Forest County has thousands of wetland areas which provide waterfowl and wildlife refuges as well as unique plant communities. Some of these areas have accesses for users to allow recreational viewing of the wildlife and plant communities by the public. These accesses by kayaks and canoes provide opportunity for close up wildlife encounters and quiet enjoyment. Searching your browser for the following links will provide google maps and google directions to our wonderful “Quiet Waters” that may be utilized on your computer, tablet or phone.

Click on image to be taken to the Paddle the Forest of Wisconsin interactive map for directions to Forest County’s wetland impoundments that are suitable for kayaks and canoes

We welcome you to our beautiful “Quiet Waters” and ask that you utilize them safely, wear appropriate safety gear and protect the resources through wise use. Please pack out what you take in and enjoy!

Sep 19 2018

Board of Director’s Meeting

Public Announcement of Board of Directors meeting on Nov. 9th at 9AM in lower level of Crandon Public Library.  The board will elect officers at this meeting.

Jul 31 2018

Donna & Les Schramm Pavilion Kitchen Dedication Set for August 20

Dear Friends of Les & Donna Schramm,

The Crandon Lions will host a City Beath Pavilion Kitchen dedication in honor of Donna and Les Schramm at 6 pm on Monday, August 20, 2018.  Rain or Shine!

The Lake Metonga Association furnished the stainless steel serving tables and shelving necessary to complete the new kitchen.

As many know, the Schramm’s worked tirelessly on behalf of the Lake Association for many years.  A memorial fund was established with donations made to the Association on behalf of Donna.  The Schramm’s truly loved the lake and were active in all aspects of our community.

The serving kitchen is a small but lasting token of our appreciation for the Schramm’s dedicated service, and we encourage all who know them to join us for the dedication.

Please call Chris or Gary Mueller if you can make it.  715-478-2049 or lmaorg2018@gmail.com

  • We’d appreciate a snack, salad or dessert to pass

  • The Lions will be serving tenderloin sliders on a pretzel roll as the entree

  • BYOB (bring your own beverage)

May 23 2018

Harold Resch Wins Wisconsin Lakes Stewardship Award in the Educator Category

(Excerpts from his acceptance speech)

“After teaching chemistry and math at Crandon High School for 36 years, I retired in 2001.  Shortly after that Les Schramm asked me to join the Forest County Association of Lakes (FCAL) as a board member.  And then, shortly after THAT, I was asked if I would help with the essay contest FCAL runs each spring with the 5th and 6th grade students from Crandon, Laona, and Wabeno schools.  …Another FCAL initiative with students that I am involved with is their Lake Ecology Field Day.  Through the leadership of Lee Lamers, this “environmental day” was started. Lee asked me to help organize this because of my connection with the schools and my love for students for so many years.  After contacting Dr. Cindy Edlund at the Crandon High School, she worked with the instructors who taught environmental studies at Laona and Wabeno to set up this event during September of each year on beautiful Lake Metonga…  The professionals and experts involved all volunteer their time and are happy to make it an educational and fun day for the students. “

   Resch thanked FCAL President Pam Schroeder, Lee and Vi Lamers, Dr. Cindy Edlund and husband Mike, Les Schramm, his daughter Jodi and husband Russell, son Wayne and granddaughter Karissa and his best friend and partner, wife Janet.  He would also like to thank Mike Preul

“In closing I want to say I am honored to accept this award and I truly do enjoy the work I do with the essay contest and our Lake Ecology Day to share my love of our lakes with our young people.”

May 23 2018

FCAL’s Lake Ecology Field Day

Submitted by FCAL Member Vi Lamers

On Sept. 9, 2017 Environmental Studies students from Wabeno, Crandon and Laona High Schools participated in FCAL’s 5th annual Field Day at Lake Metonga’s Vet Memorial Park.  These 51 students were divided into small groups for better learning and able to attend eight different educational stations manned by a variety of specialists: Invasive in Lake Metonga (Harry Resch and Les Schramm FCAL); Fish Counts – Shocker Boat (Mike Pruell- Mole Lake); Lake Laws and Regulations (Officers Don Belland and Sam Wurtinger); Fish (Greg Matske WDNR Fisheries Biologist); Invasive Species (Lindsey Peterson Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition): Aquatic Macroinvertabrates (RT Krueger – Northern Lakes Service); Water Chemistry (Dr. Cindy Edlund – Crandon HS Teacher); and Using GIS in Lake Management (Shari Alloway – Crandon HS Student Teacher).The students from the three schools were intermingled in order to get acquainted and enjoyed a picnic lunch together following completion of all stations .FCAL thanks all the specialist for volunteering their time and expertise.

May 21 2018

Announcing the FCAL Lake Association Grant

The 2018 FCAL Board of Directors is excited to announce the opportunity for Lake Associations that are members of FCAL to apply for a $500 matching grant to assist with a lake project.  The guidelines are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a member of FCAL.

  • The project must be to better the quality of the lake or shore land.

  • The lake must have public access.

  • The lake must show proof of expenditures in excess of $500.

  • Grant requests must be submitted to FCAL President Pam Schroeder,6601 Fischer Drive, Wabeno, Wi 54566 or emailed to pschroeder0214@gmail.com

The 2018 FCAL grant will be awarded at our annual banquet in October.  We hope that finances will enable us to make this an ongoing grant award.

Oct 24 2017

November 2017 meeting date

The date of the November 2017 Board of Director’s meeting has been changed.  We will meet on Friday, November 10th beginning at 9 a.m. in the lower level of the Crandon Public Library

Sep 16 2017

Congratulations to Les Schramm

Congratulations to our very own Les Schramm for his recognition in the most recent issue of Lake Tides.

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