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Sep 29 2020


By the time you read this, we will have passed the Autumnal Equinox that arrived on Tuesday, September 22nd.  Did you know that Equinox comes from the latin meaning equal night? During the equinox, the sun crosses the celestial equinox creating days and nights of equal length followed by days of shorter daylight. The sun …

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Sep 23 2020

When is the Best Time to Seed Your Prairie Flowers?

Fall is a great time to plant your prairie grasses and flowers. Smooth Phlox, Wild Petunia, Blue Vervain, and Wild Bergamot are just a few that are native to Wisconsin. These seeds need exposure to cold, damp conditions for better germination rates. Most of these flowers and grass seeds have a built-in dormancy that need …

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Sep 14 2020

Fall Gardens

This time of year, many of you are probably thinking of closing down and cleaning up your gardens.  There are many reasons NOT to clean up your garden in the fall.  What we do in them every autumn can either enhance or inhibit that role. Here are some reasons to ‘leave the mess’ in fall …

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Aug 23 2020


Lately, people have been asking, ‘Where are my Orioles or the Redwing Blackbirds?  Did you know that even though it’s summer, birds have already begun their fall migration? Fall migration starts as early as June and lasts until early January, with peak times running from August to mid-October.  Migratory birds are birds of both game …

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Aug 20 2020

No Wake Zones

Boaters in Wisconsin have long had to cut back on speed near docks, rafts, piers and restricted areas. Did you also know that the slow, no-wake rule also applies to the full lake shoreline on all lakes in the state? The law prohibits boaters from operating their boats faster than slow, no-wake anywhere within 100 …

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Jul 23 2020

Conservation Corner: How a Tree Grows

In my yard I have a massive old maple tree.  There’s a hole in this tree that gets bigger every year.  My wife and I are waiting for the tree to fall and looks like it will land in a place that won’t damage too much.  Visitors to our place always ask how it’s still …

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