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Message From the President

The highlight of the FCAL year for me is always the WI Lakes Partnership Conference in Stevens Point.  I learn so much and meet so many interesting and dedicated people. One of my goals has been to find new and interesting presenters for our Annual Meeting and banquet in October.  I found several this year. The topic choices are: Bobcats, Loons, Mushrooms or Raptors. Which one sounds most interesting to you? Email me your choice at pschroed0214@gmail.com

     We purchased two children’s books at the conference to donate to Forest County public libraries.  The titles are Fish Hotel and The Magic Goggles.   Vi Lamers and I will be delivering them over the next several weeks.  The picture above shows our delivery to Stephanie Schmidt, the new director of the Crandon Library.  Borrow these books for your children and begin their education about shoreline ecology.

    This year I was so proud to be present as our own Harry Resch received the prestigious Stewardship Award in the Educator category at the annual awards banquet.  The award is prestigious because the competition comes from throughout the state of WI. That’s a lot of Lake organizations and a lot of competent employees and volunteers to compete against.  It is not the first time that FCAL has received one of these awards. Les Schramm was chosen during Lee Lamers term for his work fighting Eurasian Milfoil on Roberts Lake. We have an awesome group of volunteers here in Forest County and I am proud to be a part of this great organization.

    That being said, none of us are getting any younger.  We have been without a secretary since December and our Treasurer has promised us only one year of service so we will be needing a new volunteer for that position in October.  Please consider becoming a volunteer for FCAL. You will learn a lot and meet other exceptional people who care about our beautiful lakes and streams. You can check us out by coming to a board meeting any 3rd Friday at 9AM in the lower level of the Crandon Library.  Also encourage your lake leaders to attend the FCAL Fall Forum on Saturday, August 18th at the Lake Lucerne pavilion.

Announcing the FCAL Lake Association Grant

The 2018 FCAL Board of Directors is excited to announce the opportunity for Lake Associations that are members of FCAL to apply for a $500 matching grant to assist with a lake project.  The guidelines are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a member of FCAL.
  • The project must be to better the quality of the lake or shore land.
  • The lake must have public access.
  • The lake must show proof of expenditures in excess of $500.
  • Grant requests must be submitted by September 1st.

The 2018 FCAL grant will be awarded at our annual banquet in October.  We hope that finances will enable us to make this an ongoing grant award.  


The purpose of FCAL, Inc. is to facilitate education, research and sharing between organizations, governmental bodies and the general public of Forest County to protect Forest County inland water bodies, environs and watershed for now and future generations, including but not limited to aesthetic beauty, water quality, wildlife habitat and fisheries.


Education/ Sharing: To educate the Forest County public and riparian owners of issues and to facilitate dialogue between organizations and governmental bodies.

Long Range Planning:  To participate in long range planning efforts regarding the water resources of Forest County.

Regulatory/ Enforcing:  To facilitate efforts of the governmental bodies to enforce regulations which affect inland water body usage and water quality.

Cooperation: To provide a vehicle for greater cooperative efforts between riparian owners, riparian users, appropriate governmental agencies and the citizens of Forest County.

Agendas & Minutes

Forest County Association of Lakes, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting Agendas Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 2016 JAN 15 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 2015 NOV 13 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 2014 JAN 17 Forest County Association of Lakes, Inc. Annual Meeting Minutes October 19, 2019 October 13, 2018 October 26, 2017 October 1, …

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FCAL RECOGNITION’S AND AWARDS The Lake Metonga Association and the Forest County Association of Lakes Sponsor a Lake Outing Lake Metonga Association and Forest County Association of Lakes Members Harry Resch and Les Schramm received recognition from Andy Space, the Crandon High and Middle School Principal and from teacher Mrs. Edlund at a November 2013 …

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Board of Directors & Officers

Board meetings  are held the third Friday of each month starting at 9:00 a.m. . FOREST COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF LAKES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Pam Schroeder – President (Little Long Lake) Lee Lamers- Vice-President (Roberts Lake) Kathy Babcock – Secretary (Butternut/Franklin Lakes) Bob Ebben – Treasurer (Pickerel Lake) Mike Henderson – (Lily Lake) Harry Resch – …

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FOREST COUNTY  ASSOCIATION OF LAKES, INC BYLAWS Bylaws originally adopted by the Board of Directors 9/28/92.  Restated Bylaws adopted by the Members 9/18/93.  Amended Board of Directors 6/10/94.  Amended Annual Meeting  9/17/94 and the Board of Directors 10/10/94. Amended Board of Directors 1/6/95.  Restated bylaws adopted by the Members 10/7/95.  Amended Board of Directors 9/17/2010.  Restated Bylaws …

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History of the Forest County Association of Lakes

SEVENTEEN LAKES REPRESENTED AT MEETING Thirty people representing seventeen lakes attended an early morning meeting on Saturday, July 11 regarding county-wide lakes issues and the possibility of forming a county-wide lakes association.  The meeting began with Mary Bierman, president of the Butternut/Franklin Foundation and a director with the Wisconsin Association of Lakes addressing the group …

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Membership Application

2020 Membership form is now available online.  Click here to download.

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Forest County Association of Lakes Newsletters Newsletters are available for download. Summer 2021 Summer 2020 Summer 2019 Summer 2018 (Please note that Pam Schroeder’s email address is not correct in the article on the first page which announces the FCAL lake grant.  It should read:  pschroed0214@gmail.com) Summer 2017 Summer 2016 Summer 2015 Summer 2014 Summer 2013 Summer …

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Photos from some of our association activities.

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